Antique Brick Cottage Farmhouse Style Kitchen Before and After Antique Brick Cottage Farmhouse Style Kitchen Before and After

A few years ago, we invested in an antique brick cottage in the town we live in. It was in need of some love and care, and I took on the challenge to revive it into something that was once again lovely and more functional for today. Here is the before and after project of this farmhouse style kitchen… Read the rest of this entry

DIY A Garden Inspired Centerpiece DIY a Garden inspired Centerpiece title page

A couple weeks ago I told you about planting grass seed indoors… Well, that seed has bountifully sprouted and growing happily on our dining room table, so today is going to be the day to show you the DIY garden inspired centerpiece put together with that planter full of thriving grass.

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Easy Ways to Add Spring to the Porch Spring on the PorchWith winter finally behind us, and having a few days of temps in the 50’s and 60’s last week, I decided it was, for sure and gladly, time to embrace Spring on the front porch!¬† (although we do live in NW Wisconsin, and very likely could, and probably will get more snow this season) For this day, it was warm and I was feeling Spring! So here are some easy ways to add Spring to the porch.

Over the years, I’ve collected a large assortment of vintage watering cans, mostly found at Read the rest of this entry

Ceiling Treatments: The 5th Wall Have You Thought About Your Ceiling Treatment?Designers frequently refer to the ceiling as ‘the 5th wall’, meaning it is as important to consider when decorating a room as the actual wall colors and treatments are.

So… have you? Have you considered your ceiling treatment? I’m going to show you some ceiling treatments that hopefully will inspire you to start thinking about your own ceilings and consider what they need to finish the room. Read the rest of this entry

Visiting Minneapolis Institute of Arts Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Have you been to your local art museum lately?

I think it’s always worth the trip! (the title picture here I took standing in the Frank Lloyd Wright room of the MIA, looking at the Minneapolis skyline through a gorgeous arts and crafts metal screen) Read the rest of this entry

Easter Hope Sign HOPE sign with wreath

“…hope in the Lord; For with the Lord there is lovingkindness, And with Him is abundant redemption.” Psalm 130:7

Inspired by a sign from Fyne’s Designs, I had pinned onto my Easter Pinterest board a while back, the other day I set about making my own version of a H-O-P-E sign. (there are shopping links towards the end of this post, if you’re inspired to make one yourself) Read the rest of this entry

Mod Podge Peat Pot Easter Baskets DIY peat pot mini easter baskets

I made these fun and colorful Mod Podge Peat Pot Easter Baskets a couple years ago, when we still lived in our former house. As I’m preparing to decorate for Easter in our new 100 year old house, I thought it would be fun to show you again how I made these mini Easter baskets.

This was one of my favorite crafts I’ve ever done for Easter. To make these peat pot baskets was quite easy, (this could be a fun craft for kids too) I just found it to be so relaxing, puttering away on them, and it was very low cost as well.

So here’s what I did:(I will have shopping ¬†links for you towards the end of this post) Read the rest of this entry

Grow Green Grass For Your Table Grow Green Grass For Your Table

A couple of years ago was the first time I tried my hand at growing grass indoors for my dining table. That was in our former house, where we had a large bank of southern windows in that room that offered tons of great light for successful indoor grass growing…

But not in our new 100 year old home, our dining room here faces east, so we get lovely morning light, but not that direct full sun throughout the day. So here’s what I’m trying this year to get some grass growing in a container on my dining table: Read the rest of this entry

DIY Simple Pin Attachment DIY Pin title page

Here’s a super quick tip…

Be warned! This might get confusing because I’m going to talk about a ‘pin’ on Pinterest and about an actual pin… one-with-a-sharp-point, pin.

A while back I pinned (on Pinterest!) a way to make a simple pin attachment for all those cute felt pins and embellishments. Unfortunately the actual link for that is broken, so I don’t know how to find out who actually posted it originally. Here is my pin, I’m talking about (on Pinterest). If you know the origin of it, please let me know!

I was so excited to finally be able to actually put that clever idea from that Pinterest pin into action a few weeks ago. Read the rest of this entry

DIY Window Treatments, Step by Step DIY window treatments in Breakfast Room

I made the window treatments in our Breakfast Room with just simple sewing techniques. The styles of window treatments I’m about to show you, are some of the easiest to DIY… it is just basically stitching a few rectangles.

Since I just found out the Waverly fabrics I used for these are 50% off through March 21, 2015, I wanted to get this out to you ASAP! (I have the links to all the fabrics and materials needed for this project listed towards the bottom of this post)

Here are some tips of my techniques and details about my style selection for these window treatments: Read the rest of this entry